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Classroom 2 - Webinar
Imagineering Your Classroom - 12 Disney Digital Projects
Download PowerPoint

Indianapolis ICE Conference - 2016

Mastering the Art of Storytelling
Download Handout Presentation

“I See What You Mean” – Visual and Media Literacy Projects
Download  Handout Presentation

Imagineering Your Classroom: 12 Disney Projects and Applications To Engage Students
Download Handout Presentation

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IVC-Creating Effective Teachers- ( Download PP-115 Slides

ISTE-2016 Workshop "I See What You Mean":Visual & Media Literacy
                 Download .ppt (230 Slides)
Seperating Fact From Fiction-Critical Thinking Skills
                  Download (102 Slides)  .ppt
Fact or Fiction Web Sites Simple K-12      Download .doc
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IVC- ( Download PP-208 Slides with Reference Links
10 Ways To Become An Inspirational Teacher
 Power Tools For The Classroom

FETC 2016

Creating MakerSpaces in Schools:
Hands-On, Minds-On Activities
   (Download PowerPt 101 Slides)

Download ALL 172 slides with ALL links and Ressources

Simple K12 - Digital Literacy Fundementals-What Every Teacher Needs To Know  
( Download File )

 Simple K12 - How To Promote Digital Literacy In The Classroom With Content Creation  ( Download File )

Alaska IVC - Blogs     ( Download PP

Alaska IVC - Wikis      ( Download PP

Alaska IVC - twitter vs FakeBook vs FaceBook    ( Download PP

Building Creative Teachers -Teach Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills (Download PP

21 Ways To Connect & Integrate Social Media Into Classrooms

Download PPT

Download PPT

Digital Literacy-Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

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  Webinar:   Download PDF
Motivating Students with Digital Magic

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  Webinar:  Download PDF
Tackle Classroom Challenges: Web 2.0 Tools/Applications I Use

Creating Innovators: Students Changing The World
   ( Downloaf PDF )
FETC-27 Best Tools For Educators - 2015
    ( Download PDF )
PD-IVC: Preparing Students To Be College and Work Force Ready
(Download PDF)

ReMaking Education:Creating MakerSpaces in Schools
     (Download PPT)     ( Download PDF )
Simple K12
Using Critical Thinking Skills to Separate Fact from Fiction       
( Download PDF     (Download 90 Slides-PPT

TCCA Feature Presentations

Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom as Disney 'Imagineers
    Download PDF File

/PBL: Getting Started With 5 E-Z Projects       Download PDF File

Photo Story- Photo Books: Telling Stories Through Photos      
Download PDF File

Anna - I Miss You Video - Download

Wonderville: 10 Ways to Teach Innovation-Creativity and Problem Solving

     Download PDF File

ReMaking Education:Creating Makerspaces in Schools

    Download PDF File 

DropBox Link to Video-PBL DOCS-Files - Click HERE

Disney Piano Music -Download

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10 Secrets To Getting The Job
What to do Before, During, and After the Interview  Download PDF     Download PPT

PD-IVC-CESA 11: 9 Rules for Revolutionaries
                           - in the 21st Century Classroom ( Download PPT    

PD-IVC-Texas A&M: Busting the Social Media Silo  ( Download the PPT

PD-IVC-1:  2014-IVC--Effective_Teachers  (Download PDF

PD-ICC-2:  2014-Innovative Teaching-Creativity (Download PDF

Gators In The Sewers-Teaching Brock To Search    Download PDF File

SIMPLE K12 Webinar- Cut To The Core- Getting Started With Common Core
  Download PDF File

ISTE Feature Presentation

Creating Innovators: Educating The Students Who Will Change The World

   Download PDF File

ISTE -Workshop: Digital Survival Kit

27 Best Digital Classroom Tools:   Download PDF

IVC-Digital Survival Kit- Tools For The Classroom
       Download PDF File

Arkansas Technology Conference  Hot Springs Technology Institute

Download Session: 10 Future Technologies That Will Change Education
      Download PPT                 Download PDF

Download Session:  My Hero: Heroes, Heroines and Super Heroes
 Download PPT

Cut to the Core: Integrating Technology into Common Core Standards

Download PDF

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC)

   Webinar:  Give Kids The World: 7ools & Projects For Global Collaborations
( Download PDF File 117 Slide - NEW

IVC- 10 Future Technologies That Will Change Education  
( Download PDF File )

Learning Revolution Conference: Reinventing The Classroom

Give Kids The World: Tools & Projects For Global Collaborations
   ( Download PowerPoint File-110 Slides          ( Download PDF FIle - 110 Slides

Creating Innovators: Educating the Students that will Change the World

    ( Download PDF File 190 Slides       ( Download PowerPoint Slides File 140 Slides

Webinar-Simple K12
Cut to the Core: Integrating Technology into Common Core Standards
    ( Download PDF-190 Slides (Includes 35 NEW Slides added at end of Presentation

FETC-Conference: Cut to the Core: Integrating Technology into Common Core Standards ( 3hr workshop PDF
    ( Download PDF-350 Slides

IVC-Building Learning Communities: Projects For Global Learning
             (Download Powerpoint HERE)              ( Download PDF File )

5 EZ PBL Projects To Get You Started   (Download PDF )
99 PBL Resources For YouClassroom ( Download PowerPt )
99 PBL Resources For YouClassroom (Download PDF )

Illinois State University
DJ501: Digital Survival Kit-Tools For The Classroom (Download PDF

DJ502: Gators In The Sewers-Critical Thinking Skills (Download PDF

Fact or Opinion Assignment (Handout)

5 EZ PBL Projects To Get You Started  (Download PDF )

11 Ways To Teach Advanced Search Techniques       Download PDF           Download PowerPt

METC-2014:  Feature Presentations

5 Future Technologies That Will Change Education  
        Download PDF

10 Star Wars Lessons: Lead or Lead Not-There Is No TRY
        Download PDF

Transforming Traditional Teaching: 7 Districts That Think Different
        Download PDF

Creating Innovators: Educating Students That Will Change the World
     UPDATED:  Download PDF

METC-Pre-Con Workshops

My Hero: Heroes & Heroines - Web Literacy & Media Skills Workshop
Download PDF

Dreaming Up a Disney Inspired STEM
/PBL Lesson
Download PDF

IVC-Feb. 6-2014

Building Better Teachers: Tools For The Classroom Download (150 slides) PDF
Download Long Version (150 slides) PowerPoint
                                Download Short Version PowerPoint (125 Slide

FETC 2014 : Feature Presentation

Download PDF

10 Future Technologies That Will Shape Our Schools
Download PDF
9 Digital Tools For 9 Common Core Standards   
Download PDF  Google Tools For Educators To Connect Common Core         
Education Arcade: Games & Simulations As Learning Tools Download PDF

Download PDF  Google Hangouts:Connect-Create-Communicate-Collaborate

Webnar: Seperate Fact From Fiction: Critical Thinking Skills  (Download PDF
Worksheet assignment-Truth or Trash  (Download Word doc

Promote Good Digital Citizenship: 10 ideas for Rich Academic Student Discussion Online

OSBA (Oregon School Board Association)
Future Proofing Schools - (Download PP     (Download PDF

IVC-Google To The MAX
- Download PowerPoint

TCCA - Houston
Discover how 7 School Districts are models for the 21st Century Classroom Session Part 1   ( Download PDF

Discover how 7 School Districts are models for the 21st Century Classroom Session Part 2   ( Download PDF

Discover how 7 School Districts are models for the 21st Century Classroom Session Part 3  ( Download PDF

Discover how 7 School Districts are models for the 21st Century Classroom Session Part  4  ( Download PDF
Session 5 - STEM/PBL: Getting Started With 5 E-Z Projects ( Download PDF
Habits of Highly Effective 21st Century Classrooms
Download PDF
IVC-Webinar: Building Better Teachers
IVC-Webinar:  10 Rules for Revolutionaries  Download PDF File
                   Education From Evolution To Revolution

Motivating Students with Digital Magic   Download PDF File

IVC-Webinar: Building Better Teachers
       - Habits of Highly Effective 21st Century Classrooms
   Download PDF File

IVC-Webinar: Cut To The Core-Common Core Tech Resources and Projects
Download PDF

I'm Leading, Is Anyone Following? Education From Evolution To Revolution
Download PDF

IVC-10 Ways To Become An Inspirational Teacher
Download PDF

NEW >>  Webinar:
8 Secrets to Getting the Job: What to do Before, During, and After the Interview     Download Presentation PDF

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Howie DiBlasi  -  Digital Journey 

928 River Walk  Georgetown, TX. , 78633       970-749-0760 


   Digital Journey by Howie DiBlasi is licensed under a Creative Commons License

Speaker/Presenter Credentials:

Dr. Howie DiBlasi was recognized as “Vocational Teacher of the Year” for the State of Arizona and nominated as a finalist in the “Top Secondary Leaders in America”.  He has been featured in several magazines as “A CIO that really thinks outside the box.”

He is a published author, "Change Agent", Educational Technology consultant and the Producer of the “DID YOU KNOW “ You Tube series, Versions 2-3-4-5-6.

He was recently recognized by the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (C.I.L.C) with the "Pinnacle Award" for outstanding Professional Development Programs and I.S.T.E. as the “Best of the Best” for outstanding Professional Development Programs for 2011.

Dr. DiBlasi has extensive experience in the education field, (20 years) business leader, (10 years) and as a  C.I.O.  (14 years). 

His emphasis is on Digital Technology, multi-media, Interactive Video Conferencing and 21st Century Learning. He has presented to thousands of Educational Leaders, administrators and teachers from Bangkok to Boston.

In a recent article for e-School news  “His TCEA workshop was one of the most dynamic conference presentations I have attended in some 30 years. Howie is charged with energy, willing to share, and open to suggestions.”

At the conference, I connected with Howie DiBlasi who was so incredibly passionate about educational technology, the conversations and personal connection I made with him that I will never forget. He impressed me more than he knows e!) and I will continue to follow his work from this day forward. Without him even knowing, he taught me that by loving what you do and doing what you love, you can surely make a difference.

Ron from AETC said “I can't begin to express how grateful we are for your attendance and participation.  I have received many great comments from attendees regarding the content that was presented!  I believe that this was, hands down, the best PD that we have ever had at one of our conferences.”

Great session Howie!  This is a fantastic summary of resources shared in an equally fantastic FETC virtual presentation, Howie! Hopefully, there will be many '10th persons' that step out and create or participate in global projects or collaborate with other educators around the globe. Well done and so inspiring! Kim Caise, NBCT, M.Ed.  

Howie is a member of the I.S.T.E Board of Directors, serves on the TxDLA Board, Communications Director of the I.S.T.E. Special Interest Group for Interactive Video Conferencing and a member of the Alan November Consulting Team.

Is My Life An Obligation or An Opportunity?

When my phone rings in my office, I respond to each call as an opportunity to serve, earn, learn, influence, network, encourage or teach.  A sign on my desk reads “ Obligation or Opportunity.”  The people who change the world around them –rarely act from a sense of obligation….they almost always act from a sense of incredible opportunity.  They interact with the world around them because they want to, not because they have  Those who lead effectively view the circumstances around them as opportunities not obligations.

 Genuine, authentic leadership infuses meaning into your life, because you know that your efforts count and that you are serving the needs of others as well as your own.  You can help, influence and inspire those around you.2

 In August of 2006 Karl Fisch shared a Power Point with me about our changing world and the impact of the “New Global Economy”.  karl suggested a book by Thomas Friedman book, “The World Is Flat”.   I then came across an old 1986 commercial called “Think Different”.  For me that week was life changing.  All the pieces came together on changing the way we teach our “Digital Natives” in the classroom.   The commercial content included snapshots of people who changed the world and the concluding statement was….”People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”.  You can download or view the commercial on my web site.  

 I created the “Did You Know 2-3-4-5-6" series,  video to challenge educators around the world to “Think Different”.  There have been over 729,000 views on YouTube of Version 2,3,4,5,and 6 over the past year, presentations at 87 conferences and over 5,000 attendees that have carried the message back to their school district.  The intent is for you to view and then share the PowerPoint and start on a journey of teaching our “Digital Kids” differently.  Have a discussion with your peers, administrators, parents and school board members and help “Change The World, one teacher at a time.” I have received full permission to use the music that is included with the “Did You Know” videos.  If necessary I will provide you with the verification..Full disclosure is contained in the first slide of “Did You Know”.

 Mark Sandborn said it best, “ People who take an active leadership role in their lives tend to be good thinkers…Great leaders tend to be GREAT THINKERS”.

 Enjoy…..      “If You Want Change…Be The Change”

 Howie DiBlasi    e-mail:

Digital Journey

928 River Walk  -   Georgetown, TX. , 78633  -   970-749-0760

 1…“The Fred Factor”; “You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader”; “The World According To Mister Rodgers”.

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